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Meet the WarHeads 2 Development team

Jason Plum, owner of MaxSource and WarHeads SE - In-game handle:  Maximus

Responsibilities: Overseeing Director of the project, Programming and Network Services.

History: The WarHeads SE family has known me since I was in highschool over a decade ago. I started as just an interested player, but when the opportunity came to take ownership of the game and keep it alive I jumped on it. Since then I have been investigating the best way to bring our beloved project into the modern era without losing its identity. After many years of searching and planning, we’re finally moving forward!

Michael Sullivan, owner of Elemental Spark - In-game handle: Talons (current) / NeeD (old)

Responsibilities: Creative Director, User Interface, Graphics, SFX, VFX, Unity Programming

History:  I was recently interviewed and it covers my history with Elemental Spark. Beyond this I have a robust skill set spanning over 30 years of self-taught, and working experiences starting with building my first computer when I was 7. My family made sure I saw the world outside my little bubble and I can’t thank them enough for it.  My hope is to pass that on to my own children someday.

Introduction - Who is this Elemental Spark guy and What’s he doing to our beloved game?!

MaxSource and Elemental Spark are bringing together their combined visions of what WarHeads 2 should be, producing the best possible outcome for our insanely loyal fan base, as we also bring in an entirely new generation of players.

        “I have been drawing plans and logging ideas on how to best bring WHSE to the modern platforms for years, as my dedicated players have known. Through a confluence of timing and events, Michael of Elemental Spark came to my attention right as I was beginning down the road of using the same technologies he was already fluent in. After a strenuous interview to ensure his ideals matched my own, assurances that the values of the community would come first before “shiny”, and confirming much of his portfolio, I decided this was the person I thought I could work with in order to bring our ideas to live in a fashion befitting one of the oldest continuously played online multi-player games.

        We have been planning this behind the scenes for many months, and are finally ready to let the community in on our little secret!” ~ Jason Plum

Below is a VERY early look at the new in-game editor         

WarHeads 2 Details:  Three modes - Editor, Standard, and Classic

Standard Mode -

Classic mode -

Future -

Pricing and our promise for WarHeads 2

(and they even had to buy separate mobile versions which we are including in the lifetime license!)

Above: The FOV (Field of View) for WarHeads 2 has been greatly increased

A BIG Thank You, the Veteran’s List, & Early Access

To those who have stuck by the WarHeads Game Series during it’s TWENTY years of life: We love you.  We mean that from the bottom of our hearts.  We honestly would not be here without you. Attempting this without your continued support would be impossible. It’s been twenty years and we can still find players on our servers.  That is still an incredibly mind blowing fact to us.



Our VIP’s above were selected for the amount of time played in WarHeadsSE and have actively played the game throughout it’s 20-year history.

Congratulations Vets! 

You will EACH receive a copy of WarHeads 2, be the first to play in EARLY ACCESS, and a unique to you, the in-game badge you see above that will digitally painted and customized by Elemental Spark to pay homage to your in-game handles.

ALL previous WarHeads SE players will also receive an in-game badge for being a part of our history!

We are a very passionate bunch of gamers, some of us have grown together over the years and we are going to soon be able to share what we know and love with the rest of the world.  Show them our community spirit and hospitality, while all the while, kicking their butts in-game!!   We cannot wait to show you more. Be patient, the updates will come.  This is not an overnight process, the game is at best - 10% completion.  

We are working on it.  Give us time, we have a feeling you are going to love this.

Well, what do you think?  Are you ready for WarHeads 2?!

Contact Information -  www.warheads2.net  or www.facebook.com/WarHeads2Game

Jason Plum - WarHeads 2,  WarHeads SE,  MaxSource - www.warheads.net max@warheads.net  -- In Game Name - Maximus

Michael Sullivan - WarHeads 2,  Elemental Spark - www.elementalspark.com

tal@warheads.net -- In Game Name - Talons

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